5 emotional intelligence skills every child should know from an early age

Children should learn certain life skills that will last them a lifetime. It will be in their interest if they can learn at least these five emotional intelligence skills. There are many more skills to learn but these will help them cope in school and life in general:

1. Know your emotions

A child can learn this from a very early age.

Teach children to be able to recognise and name their feelings.

They have to realise that other people do not create the feelings within them.

Knowing your emotions also helps in controlling it.

2. Be self-assertive

A self-assertive child is a safe child. He is able to say “no” to people and situations he does not like.

This is an important skill to teach children and they will use it for the rest of their lives.

3. Change your self-talk

Children need to become aware of what they are telling themselves from moment to moment.

If this self-talk is negative, they need to learn how to change it.

A good positive self-talk phrase to teach children is “I can do it”.

4. Have empathy

This is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Children with this skill will not easily bully other children.

They will also be willing to help another child in a difficult situation.

5. Develop resilience

Resilience means that a person can experience a disappointment or setback and then bounce back. The setback will not influence him for too long.

The person will soon be back to his old self, having hope and a goal for the future.

Life is full of disappointments and it is important for children to be resilient.

Emotional intelligence is important for children to enable them to cope with daily challenges. Even these five skills mentioned above will help them to perform better in difficult situations.

Kevin Scroggins

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