7 important tips for preventing burn out and finding your joy in teaching again

The teaching profession is one of the professions that experiences burn out the most. Burn out means that you do not have the physical, emotional and mental resources to cope with your work anymore.

Here are seven tips to keep it from happening to you:

1. Learn to relax

Teaching is a high stress job. You need to know how to relax or you will be in trouble soon.

Learn to switch off and really relax body, mind and soul.

Learn how to meditate.

Other relaxation techniques may be more appealing to you. Do your research and start doing it.

2. Become aware of your emotions

Negative emotions like frustration and irritation may be the first indicators that you are burning out.

Be aware of how you feel may help you to take action.

3. Be aware of your health

Stress is very bad for your health. You may start to experience colds and flu or illnesses that are even more serious.

Go for regular check-ups and give attention to your health by eating good foods and sleeping well.

4. Learn to be self-assertive

It is important to know when and how to set boundaries.

If you just cannot take on more work or activities, you have to be assertive about it.

5. Take short breaks

Frequent and short breaks may feel like a holiday. Even if you have just two minutes between classes, you can breathe deeply.

Do a short meditation or go for a brisk walk.

6. Exercise

This is very important. Exercise is the best way to cope with stress and depression.

It does not need to be in a gym. You can do some yoga or go for a walk.

7. Try something new

We often burn out when we are in a rut. Change the way you are teaching or try to give a different class for a while.

A person with burn out may leave his/her job, failing like a failure. Giving attention to the tips mentioned will help you to regain your passion for your job.

Kevin Scroggins

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