7 outstanding characteristics of a teacher who takes his profession seriously

Teachers need to be professional in and outside the classroom. What does that mean? There are huge pressure on teachers to always perform and keep calm as well.

The following seven characteristics define a professional teacher:

1. Confidence without arrogance

You will behave and act with enough confidence to inspire and motivate your learners.

An arrogant and rude teacher is not professional.

2. Always prepared

As a professional teacher, you will always prepare well with the correct lesson plans and activities.

You will also be prepared to change the lesson plan if needed. Cultivate the ability to think on your feet.

3. Firm, polite and fair

This sums up the attitude of a teacher towards his learners.

An impolite attitude towards your learners are not acceptable. Firmness will enhance the discipline in the classroom.

4. Neat and punctual

Your clothes will always be neat, clean and professional.

You will always be on time. It is even better to be a little early for your class.

5. Take interest in every learner

Showing interest and concern for every learner in your class will be a priority for you.

You will never make exceptions and will not favour certain children.

6. Work according to the school’s procedures and processes

You will follow the rules and policies of the school to the letter.

This is important, as you need to fit in and be part of the best practice of the school.

7. You public image

You as the professional teacher will always be proud to be part of the school and community.

You will behave in all situations and circumstances as a professional and respected member of the school.

These are just a few of the characteristics of a teacher who lives and acts as a professional. You have to remember that you are a public figure and your behaviour will tell who you are.

Infographic by: topteachingcolleges.net

Kevin Scroggins

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